Dangers threatening the youth of your skin

Dangers threatening the youth of your skin



Scientific studies have proven that 80% of the skin’s condition is determined by the way of life, taken care of and preserved, and only 20% is due to the genetic factor. This study emphasizes the importance of protecting the skin from the dangers that may be exposed to it.


To protect your skin from external factors that lead to the symptoms of premature aging, you need to know those factors to protect the skin and take care of it, and your life magazine reviews in this article 4 external factors that cause skin harm and threaten its freshness, get to know them and protect your skin from them to be distinguished by healthy skin and free from the effects of external factors .

Pressure nervous

Scientific studies conducted at a German university and published in the German “Gesundheit” site proved that exposure to stress leads to the body secretion of the hormone cortisol that causes the health and safety of blood pressure, diabetes and body skin. The secretion of this hormone in the body leads to skin aging.

And impotence, so be sure to avoid exposure to stress to maintain your skin and youth.


Sleep disorders are considered to be among the habits that negatively affect the health of the body and the skin in particular. Scientific studies have proven that sleep disorders cause skin irritating wrinkles, so make sure to take an appropriate amount of sleep daily to protect your skin from the dangers of sleep disorders.

Motor activity

Scientific studies have proven that exercising and the body secreting sweat during exercise affects the skin positively as it is a natural moisturizing method for the skin and a healthy way to tighten the skin and remove disturbing flabby, so make sure that you exercise every day to keep your skin youthful.

Sun rays

Exposure to sunlight at noon in particular may expose the skin to the risks of ultraviolet rays, which lead to skin infection with dark spots and annoying wrinkles, and experts advise the use of day creams suitable for the type of skin to protect from the damage of UV rays.


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