Important skin care tips and makeup application

Important skin care tips and makeup application

It’s no secret that women during their twenties do not face the same challenges and skin problems that arise during the 1940s. This is due to the different aging factors that start to appear on the skin. With age, the rate of skin cell regeneration decreases gradually until wrinkles, fine lines and skin flabs appear.


During the twenties, you may not face any hassle with different care products or makeup tools. But with age, it becomes more difficult. Therefore, cosmetic and skin care experts provide us with some effective tips for correct skin care and ways to apply makeup for women in the forties to avoid all problems and keep the skin looking fresh as possible.


1- Choose high-dye products

With age, you should avoid using large quantities of any cosmetic on your skin. Therefore, be sure to choose high-pigmented preparations that give you the desired results while using smaller amounts.


2- Choose your makeup colors carefully

Avoid choosing pale or noisy colors, neutrals that are best suited for this stage. The shades of pink, peachy or pink are best suited for lipsticks and cheeks to retain a more vibrant and youthful look.


3- Do not overuse the foundation cream

It is not right to use large amounts of foundation to cover up skin imperfections or fine lines in the 1940s. However, on the contrary, always make use of lesser amounts to give you full coverage of the skin and not highlight its imperfections. Use the moisturizing cream first, leave it to absorb well into the skin before applying the foundation. Then gently apply the foundation while avoiding overuse.


4- Use an eye primer

The glossy and matte eyeshadow colors are more eye-catching than light shades during the 1940s. Cool colors accentuate fine lines and eye wrinkles. But always use eye primer to cover the effects of fine lines on your eyelids before applying eyelids.


5- Choose moist products

Always look for moisturizing ingredients in your various products to protect the skin from drying out. For example, dry and matt lipstick can make you aging. Also, dry eye pens may make your eyes tired. Moisturizing base creams will not give you a luminous look.


6- Avoid cheap products

During the 1940’s, you should pay close attention to the selection of trusted cosmetics and makeup tools from well-known international brands. These cheap preparations can damage your skin as a result of high levels of harmful ingredients and chemicals. It also does not give you permanent colors and dry skin..


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