Natural mixtures to treat wrinkles on the face and neck

Natural mixtures to treat wrinkles on the face and neck

Wrinkles on the face, neck and early signs of aging are not limited to women who are over the age of 40, but we may see some women younger than age and these signs have begun to appear on them, and these early signs have many reasons, the most important of which are the psychological pressures that a woman goes through, and also her lack of attention and daily care in skin Face and neck.


How can we reduce and reduce the effects and signs of premature aging? How does a woman after the age of 40 keep her skin?


To answer these questions, I presented to you in this article the most important 100% natural mixtures made from your kitchen to reduce and combat the aging of facial and neck skin, what do you think of trying it?

 Peeled almond and sugar

You should constantly cleanse your face with a gentle exfoliation on your skin to ensure that dead skin cells are removed and lightened. To brighten your complexion, this exfoliating almond and sugar scrub is suitable for all skin types.




the ingredients


3 tablespoons of cream


A cup and a half of sugar


Half a cup of ground almonds


Two tablespoons of olive oil






Mix all ingredients well and put them on dry skin, and in circular movements Start massaging your face for 5 minutes, then wash your face with cold water to close the pores of the skin, and you can store the rest of the mixture in the refrigerator until it is used again.


 Almond and oatmeal for wrinkles

the ingredients






White honey






Almonds and oats are ground and when the two quantities are equal, put honey on the mixture until it becomes creamy, now put it on your face and neck after cleaning them, and leave it for half an hour. This recipe is repeated twice a month.

Avocado and honey moisturizer

Moisturizers are of great importance in preserving your skin and fighting aging. You should prepare these natural ingredients to get full hydration and smoothness of your skin.




the ingredients


3 tablespoons of cream


1 tablespoon honey


A quarter of an avocado




Mix all the ingredients, and put them in the mixer until the ingredients turn into a soft creamy mixture, then put it on your skin for at least an hour and then rinse it with warm water.

Antioxidant fruit salad

You can eat this salad in the morning as a meal for breakfast, as the components of this salad help you provide essential nutrients to the skin, and also increase the anti-oxidants, and also help you increase energy, as well as protecting your skin against sun damage and stimulating blood circulation.

the ingredients


Half a cup of cranberry


Half a cup of strawberries


Peeled and chopped kiwi fruit


Half a cup of pomegranate


Half a cup of chopped orange


A handful of chopped coconuts






Mix all the ingredients, and eat them daily in the morning.


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