Simple daily habits to prevent wrinkles

Simple daily habits to prevent wrinkles

Aging is one of the most frightening stages of life that a woman goes through due to the health signs and problems that accompany her, and the dream of each of us is to keep young people and spend a lot of time searching for ways and means by which to delay the appearance of signs of age.




Although aging is a complex process, you can prevent it with five simple daily habits




Various fruits and vegetables

People who eat different types of vegetables and fruits continuously help reduce the incidence of chronic diseases. Maintain a healthy body weight, and live longer.




Various fruits and vegetables represent different nutrients and antioxidants, who help fight aging from more than one angle. For example, dark blue berries provide the body with antioxidants that can help fight cancer cell growth, and carrots also provide the body with vitamin A that helps support immune system function.




Green tea

Green tea may not be able to fight cancer, but it does help get rid of premature aging.


Also, green tea helps lose fat by eating 3-5 cups every day.




Playing sports

Lethargy and muscle loss, can accelerate the aging process. You can direct this by staying active and exercising.




 Exercise activates brain cells and keeps them alert all the time. Physical activities also contribute to improving blood flow to the skin, which makes it appear shiny and younger.




The soap

Most people think that soap is the best friend to the skin, but it is one of the causes of aging. Washing the skin with soap eliminates the layer of oils that cover and protect the skin, leading to dryness and wrinkles on it over time.




This does not mean you should stop washing your skin, but you should choose chemical-free soap.





 Many of us follow fat-free diets to lose weight, but not eating enough healthy fats like omega-3 fatty acids accelerates the appearance of signs of aging.




Studies have shown that most seafood contain omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon, tuna, mackerel and sardines.


While women search for youth and sparkle permanently, many of them make mistakes that deny them that, and the Live Script website offers a set of bad habits that every woman who wants to enjoy youth should avoid for a long time.


1- Extreme beekeeping


Many women believe that beekeeping and the loss of a large amount of weight is one of the most important conditions for beauty, but that beekeepers also have negative effects on a woman’s beauty and freshness of her skin, and speed up early aging, so it is advised to maintain a healthy weight by eating healthy and nutritious foods.


2- Rub the eyes


The frequent rubbing and scrubbing of the area around the eyes causes the acquisition of black color, and this is similar to what happens with age, as the proportion of pigments in this region decreases, which adds to the age of the woman additional years to her real age.


3- Lack of sleep


It is known that a healthy sleep is necessary for the health and freshness of the skin, as the skin regenerates itself during sleep, so it is advised to avoid staying up late and getting enough hours of sleep.


4- Sleeping on one side


The comfortable side of sleep can be harmful in some cases, as squeezing one side of the face onto the pillow for several hours every night, over time, results in wrinkles at an early age.


5- Drink drinks with straw


Some people may be surprised that eating juices and drinks using straw is one of the negative things that helps to accelerate aging. However, the use of straw continuously leaves fine lines around the mouth as one of the early signs of aging.


6- Using inappropriate powders


There are many anti-wrinkle powders available on the market, and it is necessary to choose the right ones and seek the help of a cosmetic expert for this purpose. Also, care should be taken not to limit the use of other types of cosmetic powders to include anti-wrinkle in their composition.


7- Anxiety and tension


The negative effect of anxiety and stress is not limited to the psychological aspects of the human being, but its effect extends to the health and physical aspects, and it accelerates the appearance of wrinkles and aging manifestations on the skin, not to mention many other diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and others.


8- Dependence on cosmetics to protect from the sun


Many companies that produce cosmetic powders claim that their products provide the necessary protection from sunlight, but these powders do not contain the active substances to ward off the danger of ultraviolet rays that accelerate the appearance of wrinkles, so an appropriate sunscreen should be used separately from cosmetic powders.


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