Simple ways to avoid the appearance of wrinkles around the eye

Simple ways to avoid the appearance of wrinkles around the eye

During the twentieth stage, you may notice some early signs of aging, the most important of which are the appearance of some wrinkles around the eye, these fine lines and wrinkles are the result of smile, laughter, sadness and all the movements that the facial muscles represent permanently. As part of your daily skin care, you must follow a few simple ways to avoid the appearance of such wrinkles around the eye. Follow us through this article to know some simple tips to avoid the emergence of such hazy wrinkles around your eyes.


1- Sunscreen


One of the best ways to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and avoid them altogether is to make sure to use sunscreen on a daily basis. Several studies have confirmed that exposure to sunlight is a major cause of skin wrinkles and eye wrinkles. Therefore, protect yourself from this with sunscreen to avoid the harmful effects of direct sunlight. Experts advise choosing sunscreen with SPF 15-30.


Make sure to use sunscreen from an early age. This also helps to avoid skin cancer and protect against black spots on the skin.


2- Sunglasses


In addition to using sunscreen, be sure to wear sunglasses, which helps to prevent the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes. Choose sunglasses with UV protection and wear them regularly when exposed to direct sunlight.


3- Gently apply and remove makeup products


The sensitive layer around the eye is 10 times thinner than the facial skin. Therefore, care should be taken when using and removing eye makeup. Whether you use sunscreen, a concealer or a shadow of the eyelids, avoid rubbing the eyes violently. Experts advise using fingertips to apply creams or make-up to the eye very gently.


Also, when removing make-up, avoid violent rubbing and wiping the eyes violently to remove make-up or use coarse cloth to remove it.


4- Handle contact lenses with caution


If you wear contact lenses, be very careful when applying or removing them from your eyes. Excess pressure on the sensitive area of ​​the eyelids twice a day may scratch that area, causing it to lose its elasticity.


5- Sleeping on the back


To avoid the appearance of wrinkles not only around the eyes, but also on the face and neck, make sure to sleep on your back. Sleeping position on the abdomen or sides leads to the appearance of fine lines on the skin in so-called sleep lines, which later turn into permanent wrinkles.


6- Quitting smoking


Smoking is one of the main reasons behind premature aging and the appearance of wrinkles. It not only directly affects the health of the skin, but also the health of the body which leads to an increased risk of many diseases. The substance nicotine works to add collagen and elastin, which are responsible for the skin’s elasticity, which leads to its flabby skin.


7- Examination of sight


If you have some vision impairment problems, your eye examination should be done quickly. This causes visible wrinkles to appear around the eye.


8- Not to use the computer for long periods


If you spend a long time in front of a computer screen, your eyes may feel tired after a while. To get rid of this, it takes time to rest while using the computer. Also, good lighting should be used on the computer screen to avoid eye strain and maintain its integrity.


9- Anti-aging foods


Although sunscreen and following healthy habits to protect the eye are essential to avoid the appearance of wrinkles around the eye, there are healthy foods that enable you to enhance this and protect from wrinkles.


Some studies have confirmed that people who eat foods rich in antioxidants such as vegetables, fruits, olive oil and nuts are less likely to develop fine lines and wrinkles.


10- Retinol creams


There are many products that are intended to avoid the appearance of wrinkles around the eye, but only a few give effective results. Anti-aging creams are one of the most popular ways to prevent or treat wrinkles, but there is no clear scientific evidence for this. It helps stimulate collagen production inside the epidermal cells.


But one of the most recommended creams by dermatologists and experts is retinoid creams known as Retin A. These creams preserve the skin from thinning. And with regular use, it also helps prevent wrinkles from appearing around the eye.


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