Tips to avoid Alzheimer’s with age

Tips to avoid Alzheimer’s with age

Alzheimer’s disease is a serious disease that threatens everyone with age, and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease are exposed to many embarrassing situations as a result of forgetfulness. Alzheimer’s disease was discovered in 1906 by the German scientist Alois Alzheimer, whose disease was named after him, and scientific studies have shown that the chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease It starts after the age of 65, and the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease reaches 50% at the age of 85.


In this article, Hayat magazine reviews a list of tips to help you protect against Alzheimer’s with age.


Exercising in general helps to protect the body from health problems that threaten it. Exercise helps revitalize the body and its internal organs, especially the immune system that fights diseases that threaten the integrity of the body, and exercising regularly helps protect against cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes and Alzheimer’s. It is recommended that daily exercise is required to protect against Alzheimer’s, and an American study conducted on 1740 people age 65 and over stated that exercising three times a week helps to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease by 40 percent.

Mental activities

Carrying out mental activities such as playing chess or crossword puzzles helps protect against Alzheimer’s disease, so it is advised to practice one of the games that depends on memory and focus to keep the brain healthy from Alzheimer’s disease, said Robert Wilson, a doctor at the University of Roche in Chicago who participated in a scientific study It was conducted for a period of five years and by 775 people at the age of eighty that people engaged in intellectual activity the risk of infection was forty percent weaker.

Social relations

The success of social relations is one of the necessary things that everyone must maintain to protect from health problems resulting from isolation. Successful social relationships protect against Alzheimer’s disease, and this has been proven by scientific studies and advised by experts to preserve the health of the brain and protect from the annoying symptoms of Alzheimer’s when they age, where The Medical Institute of Roche University in Chicago, USA conducted a scientific study of 823 people at the age of 81 years for a period of four years, and the study demonstrated that the unit or isolation works to reduce the ability of neurons and weaken their ability to address problems associated with Age as Alzheimer’s disease.


Nutrition has a very big and important role in maintaining the health of the body from exposure to various health problems. Attention to eating foods that contain large amounts of vitamins and nutrients that the body needs are matters that help in protecting against various health damages, so experts advise the need to eat a group of Food to protect against Alzheimer’s with age, including yeast, nuts, liver, black honey, whole grains, leafy vegetables, tomatoes, grapes, carrots, and red pepper.


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